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1from enum import Enum 



4class SQLGenerationOptions(Enum): 

5 """To be used with SchemaToolbox.generate_sql_from_schema""" 

6 CREATE_DATABASE = "SQL for creating a database" 

7 CREATE_SCHEMA = "SQL for creating a schema" 

8 CREATE_SCHEMA_ROLES = "SQL for creating schema roles" 

9 CREATE_TABLE_OBJECT = "SQL for creating a table" 

10 CREATE_TABLE_ROLES = "SQL for creating table roles" 

11 CREATE_VIEW_OBJECT = "SQL for creating a view (only applicable when table has PII)" 

12 CREATE_VIEW_ROLES = "SQL for creating view roles (only applicable when table has PII)" 

13 CREATE_ALL = "SQL for creating database, schema, schema roles, table, table roles, view, and view roles" 

14 CREATE_ALL_DEV = "SQL for creating schema, table and view in the DATAENGINEERING database" 

15 CREATE_ALL_OBJECTS = "SQL for creating table and view objects" 

16 CREATE_ALL_ROLES = "SQL for creating schema roles, table roles, and view roles" 

17 CREATE_NEW_TABLE = "SQL for creating table, table roles, view, and view roles (most common option; use this when " \ 

18 "adding a new table to an existing setup with other tables)" 

19 DROP_SCHEMA_ROLES = "SQL for dropping schema roles" 

20 DROP_TABLE_ROLES = "SQL for dropping table roles" 

21 DROP_VIEW_ROLES = "SQL for dropping view roles" 

22 DROP_ALL_ROLES = "SQL for dropping schema, table, and view roles"